Offer of Affiliation (Hagersville Minor Hockey)

Offer of Affiliation
Fill out all sections of this form and submit. An Offer of Affiliation form will be created and sent to you for signatures.
1.  Players may be signed as an AP to a team additional to their rostered team but may only play in the absence of a regular rostered player or with prior approval by the Executive.

2.  Teams in U11 through to U18 may use Affiliated Players (AP), if required, to bring their rosters up to a maximum of 13 skaters.

3.  A team may only use an AP goaltender if the team's regular goaltender(s) are not present at the start of the game.

4.  An AP may not miss a scheduled game, or practice of their regular rostered team to play as an affiliate without explicit consent from the players regular rostered coach.

5. In all cases, a request must be given to the regular rostered coach prior to using any player as an AP.