Constitution (Hagersville Minor Hockey)







1.  Participation is open to all residents of Hagersville and surrounding districts as outlined by governing bodies on payment of registration fees and provision of proof of age.

2.  Any player who is unable to play or is removed from games or practices, due to injury or serious illness and does not return to the game or practice may be requested by the HMHA through a Convenor to provide a note from a physician, which clearly communicates the limitations, if any, before they are allowed to return to play.  The note must be presented to the Convenor and must have his approval before the player is allowed on the ice.  If limitations exist, a new note must be obtained before the player moves onto the next level of involvement.



1.  All participants must be registered on a designated H.M.H.A. registration form.


a) H.M.H.A. membership registration for each upcoming season will commence in April and end on August 31 on a first come, first served basis to fill the membership to a limit set by the Executive.  All registrations received after the registration date will be assessed a “late fee” in addition to regular registration fee.  Any player eligible for Junior Hockey tryouts must have his/her name registered with HMHA. However, payment is not required until this player participates on HMHA sanctioned ice.  No late fee will apply.  A “Permission to Skate” form will be authorized upon request, to be presented to the appropriate Junior Club only after the player’s name has been registered.  These player’s names must be given to the registrar.  If this procedure is not followed, there will be no guarantee that a spot will be held, if HMHA Executive imposes a cap.   All registrations are to be received by the Registrar only.  No coach or convener may accept a registration form. Payments will be received by Registrar (or designate) or as outlined by the Registrar. The registering player must be informed of the Registrar by the coach or convener, and must make contact with that person only.  No registration will be accepted unless it has been approved by the Registrar. 


b) The Executive will have the right to set a “cap” for the upcoming season.


c) The Executive will have the right to exceed the yearly “cap” under special    circumstances.


2. Registration days will be determined by the Executive.


3. Registration will be advertised two weeks prior to registration dates.


4.  All registrations after final date will be assessed a “late fee” of $50 in addition to the regular registration fee.


5.  All applications for registration must be accompanied by a birth certificate or other recognized proof of age certificate.

6.  Refunds will be issued if a request is submitted in writing prior to October 1st of that playing season.  After October 1st, a refund will be issued upon written request for medical reasons only, with proper physician's documentation or if a player's residence is moving from H.M.H.A. jurisdiction.


Refunds are to be calculated using the following guideline.
Prior to start of regular season              Total registration fee
During  month of October                     90% refund less $50.00 administration fee
During month of November                   75% refund less $50.00 administration fee
During  month of December                  50% refund less $50.00 administration fee

After Jan.1st any refund request will be at the discretion of HMHA

7.         Late registration will follow the same schedule as outlined above adding administration  fee to percentage to be repaid.  Rep fee (if applicable) will be pro-rated using the same  formula.

8.  No registration will be accepted after October 15th of each playing season except for new residents of the area, or with approval of division convenors in conjunction with the President and Vice-President.


9.  All players waived by, and registered with H.M.H.A. will have monies refunded promptly.

10.  When a cheque is returned from the bank marked as “Non Sufficient Funds”, H.M.H.A. will charge an additional $15.00, plus the Bank Fee, as assessed by that Institution.

11.  There will be a ‘tryout’ fee for those players that want to be considered for the representative team for their age division. Only those players that inform the coaches/executive and pay the required fee will be allowed on the ice during times set aside as ‘tryouts’. Fees and timing will be determined at the first meeting of the new year in May annually.

12.       All registrants will be required to pay a $50 Fundraising fee with their registration fees. This will cover all fundraising for their child for the season. The H.M.H.A. will in turn conduct a 50/50 draw (early December) for a chance to win 50% of the total fundraising dollars collected from the registration fees. Families will receive a book of 50 tickets to sell to reclaim their $50 fee or keep the tickets for themselves.


(C)        LIMITS – GAMES


1.  The number of games to be played each season will be decided by the H.M.H.A. Executive.


2.  Birth dates for classifications during the playing season will be determined by governing bodies.


3.  Players must play within their own age groups, unless the Association determines that a player will benefit because of ability playing in either an older or younger age group.  Such permission must be obtained from both the parents of the player involved and the H.M.H.A. Executive.


4.  The Association will operate all H.M.H.A. teams as so determined by the Executive.

5.  Players may be signed as an AP to a team additional to their rostered team but may only play in the absence of a regular rostered player or with prior approval by the Executive.












1.                    a)         H.M.H.A. will supply hockey sweater and stockings to each player.  The sweater and stockings will remain the property of H.M.H.A.


b)        H.M.H.A. will supply goaltender pads, chest protector, arm protection, blocker, trapper and throat protectors to each team.  One stick will be provided to Tyke, and Novice teams.  All players at all levels, who require the use of goalie equipment, as supplied by H.M.H.A., must sign a contract and pay a Damage Deposit and pay a Rental Fee.  The Damage Deposit and Rental Fee will be set annually by the Executive of H.M.H.A. and the Damage Deposit based on average maintenance and repair costs for this equipment.  The equipment is to be  returned at the end of the season.


c)         All players who request the use of goalie equipment, as supplied by H.M.H.A. for off-season use, must pay a rental fee to this Organization, plus pay a damage deposit.  It will be the responsibility of the Equipment Manager to assess the condition of the goalies’ equipment before it is lent out, and after its return.  The damage deposit, in the form of a post-dated cheque, will be set annually by the Executive of H.M.H.A.


2.  Approved equipment must be used as per requirements of the governing bodies.


3.  All players during games and practices must wear the proper approved protective equipment as follows:


(a) approved helmet with chin strap properly fastened

(b) approved face mask properly secured to the helmet

(c) skate heel guards

(d) athletic support and cup

(e) hockey gloves

(f)  hockey shin pads

(g) hockey pants, shoulder pads and elbow pads

(h) regulation stick must be used for all league play

(i)  neck protector

(j)  approved mouth guard and any other equipment noted in the OMHA Manual of Operations


4.  In addition to By-Law #4 - D#3, all goaltenders must wear an approved face mask      properly secured to an approved helmet, chest pad, arm pads, goalie leg pads and use a   regulation goal stick.

5.  All game sweaters and H.M.H.A. supplied equipment, must only be worn during official H.M.H.A. games with the exception of goaltender equipment.


6.  Players names on sweaters must be of sewn on crest type only, and removed at the end        of each season.


7.  The only additions to sweaters (besides name) will be sewn on letters to designate     “C”aptain and “A”lternate without approval of the executive. All other requests for    patches/etc will only be considered if of the sewn on variety.








1.  The responsibility for the release of any players from H.M.H.A. shall be vested in the Executive.  A request for release, for whatever reason, must be submitted in writing to the Executive and will be reviewed on an individual basis.The best interest of both the player and the Association will be considered as well as any regulations as outlined in the OMHA Manual of Operations. 


2.  The responsibility for the transfer of any player to or from representative teams, special teams or house league teams within any division shall be vested in the appropriate division convenor.





1.  Local league teams will be picked after preliminary selection of all HMHA Representative teams have concluded.


2.  All coaches will be invited to the session in their division.



3.  Coaches of each respective division will be invited to attend a session where each coach will present a list of their team picks.


4.  The regulations for picking shall be determined by the HMHA Executive.  


5.  The player picks shall be conducted by the respected division coaches and submitted to the LL Convenor for approval as well as another Executive member.  

6.  All other bench staff must be picked after teams are final and agreed on by both coaches as well as the LL Convenor and one Executive member.  

7.  If fair and equal teams cannot be chosen by coaches, a player draft will take place using the pick for pick method

8.  All decisions are final and the LL Convenor has the right to move any player at any time if the player is needed elsewhere (different division).  With the exception of Novice and below.  

9.  After teams are finalized, the first practice will be used as an exhibition game to assure both teams are equal and fair.  

10.  The LL Convenor may move players to another team if needed to even out the skill level between the 2 teams.





1.  Exhibition games between H.M.H.A. teams and teams of any other league or any other division in H.M.H.A. require the Division Convenor’s permission.


2.  Exhibition games played on H.M.H.A. ice with teams outside H.M.H.A. must arrange for referees through the Haldimand Referee Association Scheduler.





1.  Playoffs for all Local League teams, as defined by the OMHA will be determined by the Local League in which they are affiliated with for that current season.           




(I)         TROPHIES


  1.        All major trophies must be approved by the H.M.H.A. Executive before they are submitted for competition.




1.  Insofar as available ice time permits, it is the intent to provide each and every team within H.M.H.A. a weekly practice of one hour duration.


           2.  Practice ice time to consist of 50 minutes in ice time and 10 minutes of resurfacing time, unless otherwise arranged.


3.  The Division Convenor in conjunction with the Ice Convenor will be responsible for obtaining and scheduling all practice time.


           4.  H.M.H.A. practice and game monies to be included in the registration fees.





l.  All coaching positions will be posted and advertised before the end of March of that   playing season.


2.  Availability shall be open to everyone qualified by governing bodies.


3.  At end of each season, previous coach and manager duties terminate.  New applications must be filled out and presented to the executive.


4.  Selection of Rep coaches will be made at the regular June meeting of each year.

  5.  All H.M.H.A. team’s support staff (i.e. assistant coaches, managers, trainers), must be approved by the H.M.H.A. executive.  All chosen head coaches must submit a list of their support staff for approval prior to the finalization of the rosters.

6.  Approval of all coaches and support staff is contingent on Police Clearance Checks being submitted and reviewed.





















1.  To be responsible for the administering of the Constitution and By-Laws of the H.M.H.A. and their general intent and objective within specified division, to the extent of recommending to the Executive dismissal of any coach, player, or manager.

2.  To be responsible for the efficient function of games in his/her division and to ensure that all games start on time.


3.  To assist with fund raising programs proposed by H.M.H.A. (e.g. disbursement of tickets)         within his/her division.


4.  Shall be responsible for monitoring all games in his/her division.


5.  Shall inform the Equipment Manager of equipment requirements for his/her division     (disbursement and returns).


6.  Shall assist the Head Convenor with registrations and classification of players in his/her          division.


7.  Shall be the liaison between his/her division and the representative team or any other            H.M.H.A. Division Convenor.


8.  Shall keep a record of all exhibition games.

9.  Shall handle all personnel and public relation problems within their division, with major problems to be referred to the Executive.

10.  Shall record and report to the Executive all fighting, misconduct, match and major penalties in his/her division.


11.  Shall be responsible for making a schedule of games and practices for his/her division in       co-operation with the Ice Convenor.


12.  Shall record and publicize up-to-date playoff standings.


















a.         Each coach and manager as an official of the Association shall be responsible for      the proper observance of the Constitution and By-Laws of H.M.H.A.
b.        That H.M.H.A adopts the 10 Steps of Screening as outlined in the

Harassment/Abuse Implementation 2 Guide, including Criminal Record checks.These Steps are: 1) Job Designs; 2)Job Applications; 3)Application Forms and Process; 4)Recruitment; 5) Interview; 6)Reference Checks; 7) Police Record Checks; 8) Orientation and Training; 9)Supervision/Evaluation; 10) Participant Follow-up; 11) All Coaches and Assistants will have a current Police Check completed, prior to the coaching season. See Bi-Law # 9- Criminal Record Check Policy.



2.  Shall be responsible for providing a signed completed game sheet to the game timekeeper prior to the commencement of each game.

3.  Shall see that all players are allocated ice time consistent with the Aims and Objectives, points 6 and 7.


4.  Shall respect all referees’ decisions and encourage his/her players to do the same.


5.   Shall be responsible for the conduct of all his/her players during the game and upon clearing the arena.


6.  Shall co-operate fully with the Division Convenor.

  7.  Shall be responsible for assisting in fund raising activities because of the close association with players and parents.

  8.  Coaches, managers or other persons may not approach team sponsors for extra funds over and above the sponsor’s fee set down by the H.M.H.A. Executive.

9.  No team will be permitted to purchase or wear as a team jacket, any jacket other than the approved H.M.H.A. jacket, regardless of how these purchase funds are obtained. 

10.  It is the responsibility of the team manager to obtain team sweaters after each game.  TEAM SWEATERS ARE NOT TO BE TAKEN HOME BY PLAYERS.


11.  The coach or manager must maintain team records on a standard form provided by   H.M.H.A. detailing:


(a)        monies received from players ( by player name)

(b)        monies disbursed

These records will be made available to team parents or officers of the Association on request.


12. To give a minimum of 48 hours notice to the Ice Convenor for changes or cancellation of ice time allotted his/her team; failure to do so will be subject to suspensions.


13.  Shall ensure coaching staff (or representative) presence in the dressing room at all times when any team member is present in the room.  Coaches (or representatives) will not    leave the room unattended at any time.


14. Shall complete any necessary training as deemed necessary for position on coaching staff. Will provide a photocopy of the method of payment and receipt for said course in order to be reimbursed by H.M.H.A.


15.  Will provide appropriate Police Clearance Checks as required before assuming coaching duties.


16.  Will follow HMHA fundraising policies as outlined in By-Law #8. 








1.  Any member of the Association, Coach, Manager or player, shall be subject to suspension from the Association’s activities if he/she deliberately contravenes in any way the Constitution and By-Laws of the Association.

2.  Any member of the Association, Coach, Manager or player, shall be subject to disciplinary and/or suspension for conduct not befitting the intent or objectives of H.M.H.A.


3.  Any player who wilfully plays, or any Coach or Manager who allows a player to play who is found to be ineligible shall besubject to disciplinary action and/or suspension.


4.  Any player, Coach or Manager ejected from a game by a referee, shall be reported by that referee to the DivisionConvenor within 24 hours.  Further disciplinary action may be determined by the H.M.H.A. Executive.


5.  All referees are required to report all match and major penalties to the governing bodies, who will notify the H.M.H.A.,who in turn will notify the Division convenors of the disciplinary action to be taken.

6.  Any Coach or Manager using un-gentlemanly conduct in front of his/her players or misses games or practices without asuitable replacement, or is disrespectful to any official of the Association shall be dealt with by the H.M.H.A. Executive and  may be suspended from his coaching duties.

7.  Any Coach or Manager who wilfully does not play all his/her players as reasonably equal ice time as possible, in each game throughout the season shall be dealt with as follows:


1st offence  - warning ( to be recorded by Convenor)

2nd offence - 3 game suspension

3rd offence  - 1 year suspension

8.  The use of alcoholic beverages or drugs by team officials or players prior to, during or immediately following an official H.M.H.A. on ice function is prohibited and will be subject to disciplinary action by the Executive.


9.   All teams and officials are warned relative to unbecoming conduct and causing damage to arenas in which they play.  Players or officials offending in this respect will be barred from further competition and also be charged with the expense, in conjunction with Code of Conduct on Haldmimand County Property.


10.  All members of H.M.H.A., whether it be Executive, Coaches and/or Staff, Family members or fans, must abide by the laws of the Constitution and By-Laws as well as the OMHA Code of Conduct and Haldimand County Public Code of Conduct Policy.  Those who violate these laws will be assessed the following penalty:


The Executive has the right to banish any offender from the Arena for a suitable period of time, to be determined by the Executive.  The other Associations within our schedules will   also be notified and asked to use their own discretion in allowing the offender entry into their facility.


11.       All individuals will have the right to bring forth a complaint/ grievance to be addressed by HMHA. See Article XIII 






(A)        FORMATION


1.  Provision will be made each season for the formation of H.M.H.A. representative teams in       any division.


2.  Selection of players shall be made in a manner determined by the H.M.H.A. Executive.


3.  Selection of coaches shall be made by H.M.H.A. Executive in the manner that they     determine.


4.  If a HMHA registrant is selected to play to a REP team and declines, or is not eligible for         whatever reason, to be placed on the REP roster, the HMHA executive in working with     the Convenors may require the player to play LL with the age category higher.






Representative teams shall attempt to carry 12 players and 2 goalies in each division; the number of players may be altered jointly by the division convenors depending on total registrations in a specific division. Exception to this may be approved by a division convenor with approval of Vice President on a case-by-case basis.




1.  Player movement at any time will be at the discretion of the division convenors (OMHA/Town of Haldimand) as well as one of the President or Vice President while working within the rules of the current OMHA Manual of Operations.


2.  During the season, local league coaches are required to release any player for a rep team try out and possible selection.  Such try outs may not interfere with regular local league scheduled games. ).


2.  Should a rep team take any local league team player on a permanent basis, if possible, a player may be dropped from the Rep team roster to be placed on the local league team losing the player.


3.  Should a rep team use any local league player as a temporary replacement because of injury or illness of any rep player, such replacement must not interfere with regular local league scheduled games.


4.  It is the responsibility of rep team Managers to clear all player movement with the Division Convenors in conjunction with the particular house league coach or manager for each game.


5.  Local league players are not required to move up to a rep team unless it is their own wish to do so.

6.  Local league players are not required to move up to a rep team unless it is their own wish to do so.


7.         Players participating in Rep try outs one age category higher than their assigned age             must ask permission from the Division Convenor & will be allowed at HMHA executive’s     discretion. The player must attend try outs at both his own age group level and the higher      up division.  If permitted to try out at the next level up, three independent evaluators             will evaluate the player.  (Not the parents of the player, not the coaches of either   level    that they are skating with.) If the player is deemed to be the top one (1)goalie, one of             top two (2) defencemen or one of top three (3) forwards in the higher class, the player        shall be granted permission to move up to that division. 




1.  Rep teams from all divisions may be entered in approved tournaments, the number of which to be decided each season by the Executive with regard to budget specifications as approved by the Executive.


2.  All tournament entries must be cleared through the Team Convenors.


3.  All tournaments must be sanctioned by the governing bodies.


4.  Any team proceeding to the OMHA Semi-Finals will be entitled to up to 80% of the Net Profit from the Gate of all home games to assist with the cost of possible team transportation, which may be incurred.








1.  The H.M.H.A. shall operate in accordance with the respective rules of the governing   body.


2.  The H.M.H.A. has the power to increase suspensions as required.

3.  All first year Hockey Referees be reimbursed their Clinic Fees at the end of the current season, if they have refereed a minimum of twelve (12) games within that season.

4.  Any H.M.H.A. rostered official shall be issued, by the H.M.H.A. executive, a dated and numbered organizational pass with which he/she shall be admitted to our home centre arena, without charge, during any H.M.H.A event.

5.  That the Hagersville Minor Hockey Association Official Logo only be changed at the Annual General Meeting, not at the whim of membership at any time throughout any season.

6.  Additional monies for team operations will not be solicited from individuals or companies or sponsors. Available bursaries or programs will be brought to the Executive and discussed accompanied by supporting documentation by those seeking approval.

7.  H.M.H.A. will provide at a minimum ONE (1) fundraising event per year and teams are encouraged to participate in order to raise funds for team costs. Revenue raised per team will be split in a 70%(team)/30%(HMHA)manner.

8.  All coaching staff and on-ice helpers will be at minimum 2 division categories above the team that they are helping with (ie - Bantam helping with Atom) and meet requirements as outlined in the current OMHA Manual of Operations.







In order to ensure that children playing in the H.M.H.A. system are protected from adults with a history of inappropriate conduct, H.M.H.A. must take action to identify such offenses that may negatively impact on children. To achieve this, one of the tools we use is that of Criminal Record Check. O.M.H.A. policy states that a Criminal Record Check must be completed every three years. This policy will outline the requirements of H.M.H.A. and participating adults in this matter.

1.    Any new applications for coaching, assistant coaching, trainer, manager or Director for the H.M.H.A. will require a Criminal Record Check. The first submission of a Criminal Record Check shall not be dated any earlier than four months prior to the application.


2.    All carded team officials and all executive members of H.M.H.A. shall submit a Criminal Record Check report to the President or Criminal Record Check Director, every two years for approval to participate. The President shall submit his/her form to the Criminal Record Check Director for approval. With justification, the President or the Criminal Record Check Director can request an additional Criminal Record Check of a participating individual within the two year period.


3.     H.M.H.A. requires that all On-Ice Volunteers 18 years and older submit a valid Criminal Record Check. This request may come at any time for any reason. This request shall be made by one of the HMHA Executive Members of Directors. Failure to submit a valid police screen will preclude the volunteer from participating in activities until such time that a valid report is submitted.


4.    The President and a Vice President, Criminal Record Check Director Rep/AE or executive designate, shall review all returned Police Screening forms and using this policy, shall determine an individual’s suitability to participate in the organization. All information contained on these forms shall be treated as confidential and shall not be discussed with anyone except the person named on the form.


5.     Not every criminal offence shall exclude an individual from participating in the organization. Grounds for exclusion from participation as a carded team official or executive member shall be related to convictions for crimes against children or other such convictions as may be deemed inappropriate for participation in a youth oriented association.  See attached matrix for the list of offences.


6.    All executive members shall have their Police Screening forms submitted, reviewed and approved by August 31 of the year of their term. Any person not submitting a police check by this time will be issued a notice of suspension and will be suspended from all board and/or team activities until such time that the proper documents are received.


7.    All carded team officials shall have their screening forms reviewed and approved by November 1st of the hockey season. Any person not submitting a police check by this time will be issued a notice of suspension and will be suspended from all board and/or team activities November 30th of the hockey season until such time that the proper documents are received.


8.    The President shall keep an annual record of names of persons who have satisfactorily completed the Police Screening process and who are approved for official participation in the Association.


9.     Any individual who is rejected for participation due to a criminal conviction our outstanding charges may make an appeal to the executive as a whole, for re-instatement. This appeal shall be made in writing and shall contain a waiver permitting all executive members to view the Police Screening form and to discuss the convictions described therein. The individual making the appeal must be present during the portion of the executive meeting when the appeal is being discussed. The proceedings for this discussion shall be held in camera and it shall take a 70% majority vote to re-instate the individual.


10. It is the responsibility of H.M.H.A. to distribute as necessary, a signed Vulnerable Sector Clearance Request letter from the H.M.H.A. The local police services requires a signed letter from H.M.H.A. verifying the person is volunteering; otherwise a fee will be imposed. The forms shall be contained in the Coaching Manual and will also be available at player registration.


11. In the event that any executive member or carded team official fails to produce a police screening form in a timely fashion, that individual shall be removed from any official capacity with H.M.H.A .until such time as they submit and have their police screening approved.


12.Individuals with outstanding Criminal Code convictions and/or pending charges for certain offences shall not be eligible to hold the position of coach, assistant coach, trainer, manager, or any other H.M.H.A. position determined by the following matrix.


 • Assault with a Weapon • Assault Cause Bodily Harm • Aggravated Assault • Sexual Assault • Sexual Interference • Sexual Exploitation • Child Pornography • Luring a Child • Voyeurism • Indecent Act • Possession for the Purpose of Trafficking • Production of a Substance (as defined in the C.D.S.A.) • Robbery • Firearm Related offences Individual convicted of the above offences are ineligible to participate as a coach, assistant coach, trainer, manager, Referee or any other HMHA position. 









This organization shall be known as the Hagersville Minor Hockey Association Inc. and referred to herein as H.M.H.A.




1.  To foster, promote and teach amateur hockey within the Hagersville district and to      provide maximum opportunity for all eligible boys and girls to participate, regardless of  ability.

2.  To develop and encourage sportsmanship, community spirit and good fellowship among all participants to the betterment of their physical, mental and social well-being. As such, HMHA will fully support all initiatives set forward by the county or controlling body of the facilities that it uses. Haldimand County Policy No. 2014-02 Public Conduct on Haldimand County Property (and following updates) is one such example.


3.  To encourage all boys and girls to become better citizens.


4.  To promote, organize and to control team competition in the area of operation to the maximum of playing accommodation and financial resources, these to be administered by a group of elected or appointed members.


5.  To sponsor and promote such athletic, social and other activities as may contribute to the finances of the organization.


6.  To recognize there are two distinct levels of hockey provided by the Association as summarized below:


            i) Recreational Hockey - Local League (LL):

            The LL will provide the grass roots development base for Minor Hockey in Hagersville.

            This level will provide an opportunity for fun and physical exercise in a team

            environment. Emphasis will be on improving skills, learning rules of the game and

            fair play. All players will abide by the rules and regulations of the Association and its

            governing bodies.


            ii) Representative and AE Hockey (Rep/AE):

            Rep/AE teams will be comprised of players who desire a higher level of competition

            and the players and their parents are willing to make a commitment in additional time

            and finances to the operation of the team. All players will abide by the rules and

            regulations of the Association and its governing bodies.


7.         To state the objectives and philosophies of the two levels of hockey:


            i) Local League Objective and Philosophy:

            The objective of the HMHA is based on a recreational hockey theme. The Association will endeavor to provide recreational      hockey with an emphasis on skilld evelopment and fair play. To that end, the Association will provide programs in which                each participant may maximize their potential as an athlete and a human being. The development of highly skilled players              is not the priority or goal of the recreational base program. It is hoped that through various programs offered, players will              develop, who by choice can progress to the more competitive levels. Coaches of   Local League teams will attempt to                  allocate ice time to LL players in a fair manner based on effort of the individual and may/will take into consideration the      player attitude and commitment in determining said ice time. 





            ii) Representative Teams and AE Team Objective and Philosophy:

            Representative and AE Teams are comprised of players, coaches and parents who

            desire a high level of competition and are willing to make the commitment in terms of

            time and finances. Coaches will strive to combine team progress with individual

            player development. Competition and winning are integral parts of Representative

            and AE hockey. Player ice time during the game is earned. Coaches may/will take

            into consideration the player skill, performance, attitude, commitment and practice

            attendance in determining the ice time that a player has earned.




1.  The colours of the organizations teams shall be any combination of red, white and black.  Any deviation of these colours must be approved by the Executive.


2.  Any proposed affiliation of the H.M.H.A. with other leagues or tournaments must be    approved by the           Executive Committee of the H.M.H.A.

3.  The H.M.H.A. shall have the authority to impose suspension on any player who participates in another league.

4.  The H.M.H.A. shall have the authority to ask for the resignation or to suspend any member of the Executive, Coaches or Managers and parents who do not conduct themselves in the best interest of H.M.H.A

5.  Jackets or other clothing will be the colours approved by the executive in Article III.1. The HMHA insignia (Hawk), Hagersvillle Minor Hockey Association (HMHA), player name, number and official team sponsor as outlined by the executive will be the only markings permitted on the jacket without permission of the executive. Jacket designs purchased to recognize special achievements must be approved by the executive.




1.    Membership in this Association shall be composed of such Minor Hockey teams as shall agree to abide by the Constitution and comply with the By-Laws and rules of H.M.H.A., also the officers of H.M.H.A., Managers, Coaches, Referees, Timekeepers, other officials, parents and honorary members.

2.    President, Vice President and Treasurer shall hold office for 2 years. After 2 years of the same officer each respective position will be open to nominations annually and vote where applicable.  




The Executive shall consist of President, one (1) Vice-President, Past President, Treasurer, Secretary, nineteen (19) Executive members (as outlined in illustration 1) and any additional appointments deemed necessary to carry out the activities of H.M.H.A.  The Past President shall hold office for one (1) year.











The president shall preside at all meetings of the Executive, with the usual privileges of office.  The President, without limiting the generality of the foregoing, shall have powers to:


(a)  Sign as a signing officer for the Association. (exception 1987, 2015)


(b)  Exercise the powers of the Executive in case of an emergency with three other executive       members.


(c)   Sit on all Committees as an ex-official voting member.

(d)  Post all AAA tryout and related information for all age categories on the H.M.H.A. board before Spring tryouts. 



In the absence of the President or in the event of his/her inability to act, the Vice-President shall have and exercise all the powers of the President and shall at all times be an ex-officer voting member on all Committees.



(a)        The Secretary shall keep accurate records of the proceedings of the Association.


(b)        Notify the Executive of the time and place of meetings.


(c)        Handle all correspondence pertaining to the business of the Association


- shall immediately inform persons concerned of correspondence received and

- shall report all correspondence at the regular meetings


(d)  Shall sign as a signing officer for the Association (exception 1987)


(e)  Shall post the minutes from each H.M.H.A. meeting within two weeks of the meeting on the H.M.H.A. board during the hockey season.



(a)  To receive all monies paid into the Association and to keep an accurate record of same as well as all monies dispersed.

(b)   To maintain an account in a charter bank in the name of the Association, into which all disbursements are to be made.

(c)   All cheques issued by the Association must be signed by the Treasurer and either the President or Secretary or designated member.


(d)  Provide an up-to-date financial report at each Executive meeting.


(e)  To have the books of the Association reviewed annually by an outside-qualified source.


(f)  To be a member of any of the Budget Committees.








(a)  The Registration Chair will be responsible for carrying out the registration for the          members of HMHA as outlined in By-Law #4.


(b)  Shall register and keep a register of all players in the Association.


(c)  Shall record all player movement and ensure all H.M.H.A. By-Laws are complied with.

(d)  Shall provide up-to-date player lists to all Division Convenors immediately following final registration days and report thereafter daily changes in lists.




(a)  Shall oversee the complete operation of representative teams.


(b)  Shall be H.M.H.A.’s representative at all affiliated league meetings.


(c)  Shall be the liaison between any affiliated leagues and H.M.H.A. and provide reports to          the Executive from such affiliated league meetings. 


(d)  Shall assist Player Convenor and other Division Convenors in player movement.

(e)   Shall keep the O.M.H.A. informed of all activities concerning representative teams and representative players, as required.

(f)   Shall inform the Haldimand Referee Association Scheduler of requirements for referees for scheduled and play-off games.  


(g)  Shall, during adverse weather conditions cancel games and practices.  If possible, he/she      will notify arena, other convenors and radio stations.



(a)  Shall oversee the complete operation of local league teams.


(b)  Shall be H.M.H.A.’s representative at all affiliated league meetings.


(c)  Shall be the liaison between any affiliated leagues and H.M.H.A. . and provide reports to        the Executive from such affiliated league meetings. 


(d)  Shall assist Player Convenor and other Division Convenors in player movement.

(e)  Shall keep the Town of Haldimand informed of all activities concerning representative teams and local league players, as required.

(f)  Shall inform the Haldimand Referee Association Scheduler of requirements for referees and timekeepers for   scheduled and play-off games.


(g)  Shall, during adverse weather conditions cancel games and practices.  If possible, he/she      will notify arena, other convenors and radio stations.






4.                    ICE CONVENOR

(a)  Shall be responsible for the allotment and control of all ice scheduling for games and practices.


(b)  Shall be responsible for scheduling of ice rented by H.M.H.A. at other Arenas, if need be.



5.                    GATE &TIMEKEEPER CHAIRPERSON(Voting Appointed)

(a)  Shall be responsible for qualified timekeepers and gate keepers.


(b)  Will provide to the H.M.H.A. executive regular reports including financial reports.


6.                    EQUIPMENT MANAGER(Voting Appointed)

(a)  Shall obtain a list of equipment requirements from the convenor of each division.

(b)  Shall meet with the Executive and recommend the equipment needed, considering quality, safety factor, and be in charge of all equipment purchased and approved by the Executive.


(c)  Shall be responsible for handling, storage, repairing, cleaning and inventory of           equipment.


(d)  Shall be a member of the Sponsorship Committee.


(e)  Shall record on a standard H.M.H.A. form all equipment issued to team officials and    players.


(f)   Shall obtain quotes for Executive approval on all major equipment and uniform           purchases.


7.                    FUND RAISING CHAIRPERSON(Voting Appointed)

(a)  Shall be responsible for raising funds for H.M.H.A.


(b)  Shall select for appointment by the Executive, a committee for fund raising activities.


(c)  Shall keep accurate records of each fund raising activity.


(d)  All fund raising proposals for the season must be approved by the Executive.


(e)  Shall assist the Treasurer in preparing a financial statement for each fund raising activity.


(f)   Shall present at the Annual Meeting a report of the year’s operations.


8.       TYKE CONVENOR(Voting Appointed)

Shall be responsible for working with the ice convenor and dividing equalling the allotment and control of all ice scheduling for games and practices for the tyke division.


9.                    TECHNICAL DIRECTOR(Voting Appointed)

(a)  The Technical Director will be responsible to distribute coaches evaluations to the members of HMHA nearing seasons end.  These evaluations will be used to assist the coaches and HMHA executive in determining areas that need support or consideration in developing the skills of the coaches.

(b)  Shall investigate and schedule development sessions throughout the year for various skills and age groups as available.

10.        DIRECTORS(Voting – Maximum 10)

There will be a maximum number of ten (10) Directors per year elected or as deemed necessary by the executive.  Directors will be expected to ‘shadow’ an executive position for the intent of assisting in the duties or in order to become familiar with the positions for intentions of taking on these duties in subsequent years.

Directors will be responsible for the organization or involvement in (but not limited to) the following: 

HMHA photo day,

           HMHA year-end banquet,

Minor Hockey Week Activities

Components of ‘Hockey Moms’ such as assisting in volunteering,

Collection and Maintenance of Police Clearance Checks

Local League Tournament Support

Local League Tournament Fundraising

OMHA Field Evaluator

Clinic Coordination

Tyke Technical Assistance

Sponsorhip Coordination (team and program)

Tyke Convenor Assistance

OMHA and LL Convenor Assistance





(a)  Each Committee shall have a chairman to be appointed from the Executive members.


(b)  Each Chairman shall be prepared to submit a report of his/her Committee at each Executive meeting.


(c)   Each Chairman shall choose his/her committee subject to the approval of the Executive.


(d)  Committees that deal with the receipt of disbursements of monies shall prepare a financial statement and reconcile with the League Treasurer on completion of each project.


(e)  Committee shall obtain the approval of the Executive on all matters pertaining to their Committee.


(f)  Committees shall meet as often as required to perform tasks detailed to them.

(g)  The Chairperson of the committee may be replaced and/or dissolved by the Executive if it feels the task is not being carried out as given.





1.  Executive meetings shall be held at least once monthly, dates to be decided by the Executive body.  A change in a meeting date can be made by the President.


2.  Notice of meetings shall be given by the Secretary to each Executive member.

3.  Each member of the Executive shall have a single vote except the President who shall only vote in event of a tie.


4.  Each Executive member present must vote unless there is an obvious conflict of interest.

5.  At Executive meetings a quorum of half of the voting members plus one (1) must be present before a motion can be carried.


6.  Coaches and Managers meetings shall be held when deemed necessary by the H.M.H.A. Executive.




1.  An Annual Meeting will be held at a date set by the Executive before March 31 of each          year.


2.  A current financial statement of the H.M.H.A. will be tabled.

3.  Proposed changes in the Constitution and By-Laws must be submitted in writing at least 30 days prior to the Annual Meeting to the H.M.H.A. for approval.

4.  Subject to the approval of the Executive, changes in the Constitution of H.M.H.A. shall be put to a vote of the members.


5.  A report of the activities of H.M.H.A. will be dealt with.


6.  Any other important business of the H.M.H.A. will be dealt with.


7.  A two (2) week notice in writing must be given to all members of an Annual Meeting.


8.  The order of business of an Annual Meeting shall be:

(a)  Call to Order

(b)  Reading of Minutes of last Annual Meeting

(c)   President’s Address

(d)  Committee Chairpersons’ Report

(e)  Constitution Amendments

(f)  Treasurer’s Report

(g)  Election of Officers


9.  All meetings shall be conducted in accordance with recognized parliamentary procedure.






1.  Election of officers of H.M.H.A. shall be held at the Annual Meeting.


2.  Elections to be conducted in a recognized manner and voting will be by secret ballot.


3.  A majority vote will carry. In the event of a tie, the Election Chairperson will cast the    deciding ballot.


4.  The Executive shall appoint an Election Chairperson prior to the Annual Meeting.


5.  Nominations for office will be made from the floor at the time of elections.


6.  The Chairperson will furnish a list of those members eligible for the office of President,            Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer.

7.  To be eligible for nomination for President a member must have served the previous year on the Executive.


8.  To be eligible for nomination for Vice-President, Secretary or Treasurer, a member must          have served that previous year on the Executive, Executive Committee, Division Convenor, or have been an appointed Committee member.


9.  To be eligible for any other office the nominee shall have been a member of H.M.H.A.


10.  Those to be elected are President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer and The      Executive Committee of thirteen (13) plus a minimum of (6) and maximum of (10)    Directors.


11.  If there are more than six nominations of the Executive Committee, each ballot cast must       show six different nominees names or be considered spoiled.


12.  A member may stand for more than one office, but not had more than one office in any         one year - May 1 - April 30.

13.  All nominations must be confirmed by the nominee.


14.  A voting member is any parent or guardian who has children in H.M.H.A. - one vote per          family, executive or team official.











































The Hagersville Minor Hockey Association wants to ensure that every child that wants to play hockey has an opportunity to. We understand the costs associated with the game and offer the following options to assist with HMHA participants.


Option 1           
Offer a payment plan option for registration. A timeline may be provided to pay for the registration fees on a common schedule throughout the association. (Example- Aug 1, Oct 1, Dec 1) This way all are finished by the end of the year. There will be no need for an application for this approach, only an indication of use at time of registration coordinated through the player convenor...


Unfortunately, being able to defer payments may not always be enough. There are two other options to apply for assistance to ensure your child has the chance to play hockey.


Option 2           
The Canadian Tire JumpStart program works with community organizations to form local Chapters that identify and approve the children who receive support. If you would like to apply for your child to receive support, Canadian Tire JumpStart accepts applications from eligible families twice per year: 1) the last 2 weeks in January; and 2) the last 2 weeks in July.

The application process is handled through a central toll free call centre (1-877-616-6600). The family name, address and phone number and other relevant information pertaining to the recreational activity your child would like to participate in will be required and recorded at the time of your call. This information will be passed along to the local Canadian Tire JumpStart Chapter for review. Applicants will only be contacted should they be approved or if further information is required.       



Option 3           HMHA will seek financial assistance in paying a portion of the registration fees for the child in question.  Applicants must apply to the Hagersville Minor Hockey Association directly. The game of hockey is to be enjoyed by those who want to play it, and we want to help make that happen. Involvement in organized sports offers the opportunity to develop a healthy lifestyle, interact with others and learn life lessons regarding teamwork, sportsmanship, respect and many other values.


Applications will be considered for youth ages 4 – 18 based on criteria listed below as well as availability of funds. Requests for this option must be postmarked no later than June 30, current year..

Completed applications should be submitted to: 

Hagersville Minor Hockey

5 Athens Street 

Hagersville, ON 

N0A 1H0

Attention: Chance to Play











Applicants Information (please print): 



Name of Youth: ___________________________________ 


Date of Birth: ____________          Age: ____________ 


Name of Parent  or Guardian: _______________________________________________________________________




Telephone (home): _________________________________ 

(work): __________________________________ 


Please provide the name of a person, who is not a relative, who is familiar with your financial situation and who can verify that you require assistance from the Hagersville Minor Hockey Association Chance to Play program. This person should be an adult who knows your child, and who is active in community activities. (Example; Teacher, Coach, Clergy, Social Worker, Group Leader.) 


Name of Reference: _______________________________ 


Contact # Day: ______________ 


Eve: ____________ 


I, ___________________________________ authorize the above reference to discuss personal information as required by the Hagersville Minor Hockey Association Chance to Play program. 


Signature: ______________________________________________________ 


Date: _________________________ 


For Committee Use Only: 


Date Received: ____________________________ 


Date Reference Checked: _________________ By: ___________________________ 


Program Contact: _________________________ 


Total cost: $ _________________ Date applicant notified: ______________________ 


Date Registration Confirmed: ________________ 


Date Paid: _________________ 


By: _______________________________________ 





The following process is used to initiate, communicate and manage all formal complaints within Hagersville Minor Hockey Association (HMHA).  It is the goal of HMHA to provide a clear policy regarding how to address such problems when they arise.


1.     Members wishing to discuss a complaint or grievance must observe a 24-hour “cooling off” period to prevent further escalation and poor communication.


2.     Any decision of HMHA on an issue will be made with regard to the policies of HMHA.  Where the policies of HMHA do not cover the issue, reference will be made to OMHA regulations and policies.


3.     All decisions made by HMHA are considered final.  There is no appeal process to this decision except for situations within the scope of the OMHA or where a member of HMHA is in real, immediate danger or is being subjected to actions contrary to OMHA Harassment and Abuse/Respect in Sport policies.


4.     Parents and other members of the Association who have a complaint of any must:

i.        Speak first to the team manager (or parent liaison if applicable) who represent the link between the coaches and parent;

ii.        If the issue is unsatisfactorily resolved, speak to the coach;

If the issue is unsatisfactorily resolved, it may be forwarded, in writing using the Grievance Form, to the Grievance Committee, which shall consist of the Vice President and appropriate Convenor along with one director. The Grievance Committee will meet with the complainant and other party, as appropriate within five (5) days of the  being received, with the goal of finding resolution, in accordance with HMHA/OMHA policy.  Issues that are not in writing may not be addressed.  The Grievance Committee will provide a decision in writing to the complainant within 48 hours  of the meeting taking place.

iv.        Should the decision of the Grievance Committee be unsatisfactory to the complainant, the complainant must advise the Vice President within 48 hours.   The Vice President will forward the complaint and the Grievance Committee’s decision to the President.  The President will meet with the complainant and the Grievance Committee and will render a final resolution of the matter.


 5.  Teams or team officials who have a complaint of any nature must:

i.     Discuss the matter with the appropriate Convenor;

ii.     If the issue is unsatisfactorily resolved, the complainant may forward the issue, in writing, to the Grievance Committee for final resolution.


6.  Grievances must be about yourchild.  Grievances about or between parents or made on behalf of another child will not be acted upon. All grievances must be reported within seven (7) days of the incident.


7.  Grievances regarding Abuse or Harassment should be forwarded directly, in writing using the Grievance Form, to the Grievance Committee.


8.  Anonymous grievances will not be acted upon.


9.  Results of any outcomes will be sent, in writing, to the complainant and other parties (as appropriate) within 10 days of the Grievance Committee meeting.


10.  This process does not negate any member’s right to report incidents to the appropriate authorities.








1.  Changes in the Constitution may be made only at the Annual Meeting.


2.  All proposed Constitution changes must first be approved by the Executive before being        put to a vote.


3.  A two-thirds majority vote of the members present will approve Constitution changes.

4.  Any proposed changes in the Constitution, which have been approved by the H.M.H.A. Executive will be presented to the membership at the Annual Meeting.