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HMHA Return to Hockey Plan
Submitted By Dale Held on Fri 09 18, 20
All minor hockey associations operating within OHF are required to submit a "Return to Hockey" plan in order to receive a certificate permitting our association to begin on-ice programming.

in the "Read More" you will find our submitted and approved RTH document.  It contains important information and each family is encouraged to read.  Many of the items included are direction from OHF, OMHA, and Haldimand County.

As with everything COVID-19 related, these procedures can change at any time. All future communications will be posted to the website:  you are encouraged to check often or sign up for notifications 

Some very important notes included in this document:

1: Players will be limited to 1 spectator in the arena.  We have been told this means if a parent has small children they will not be permitted to enter as this exceeds the 1 spectator rule.

2: The spectator for each player will be required to enter the arena at the same time as the player.  No spectators will be permitted to enter if they do not have the player with them. 1 player 1 spectator / 2 players 2 spectators etc.

3: Each family will be required to provide their player with a personal water bottle which must be filled with water prior to coming to the arena.  No other liquids other than water will be permitted.

4: Players and spectators will only be permitted into the arena 15 minutes before their scheduled ice times.  The doors will be locked prior to this time.

• Dale Held will be our executive member responsible for monitoring and communicating any updates from Hockey Canada, OHF, and OMHA

• HMHA met with our facilities team on Sept 11.  We will be using the main front door for entrance, and the side door on the north side as an exit.  Haldimand County will have all appropriate signage in place.  There is a designated area for players to get their skates on which will be cleaned after each use.  We will have a 30 minute break between all ice times to allow for participants to leave (max 15 minutes after ice time) and participants to arrive (max 15 minutes before ice time)  Cleaning by Haldimand County staff will take place during this time.

• There will be no use of dressing rooms

Team Staff/ player responsibilities to practices and physical distancing
• HMHA will provide each coach/ bench staff member a re-usable mask that must be worn at all times when on the bench during games and practices.
• All players and staff to provide water bottles for personal use, which must be filled with water only prior to arrival at the arena. 
• All water bottles must have name indicated on bottle.
• No sharing of water bottles is permitted under any circumstances
• During on ice instruction, social distancing of 6 ft must be adhered to by players, staff and volunteers
• During practices, all OHF return to Hockey guidelines must be followed. (no physical contact, players must maintain 1 stick length apart etc)
• Players must keep all equipment on for the entire duration of any on ice activities.
• Players and staff may only enter the arena 15 minutes prior to their scheduled ice time.  
• There is zero tolerance for violation of physical distancing requirements. Any participant who intentionally fails to adhere to physical distancing requirements will be required to immediately leave their activity.  No refunds will be given.
• All players and team staff when not wearing a helmet, will be required to wear a mask at all times while inside the facility when social distancing of 2 meters cannot be achieved.
Departure from facility to meet guidelines
• Player, staff and parents must exit the arena using a single designated exit, within 15 minutes of the conclusion of their scheduled ice time.  
• Working with the Haldimand County to ensure the main doors will be “enter” only and one other exits from the building will be “exit” only.  
• The main entrance is the only entrance that is available for incoming guests, as the others are locked.  Haldimand County will ensure proper signage is posted.

Procedure if participant is sick
• All individuals who enter the arena are required to be screened as per Haldimand County guidelines.  If they fail the health screening, they will be required to follow the Public Health protocols before admission to the arena can be granted.
• Any person wishing to enter a Haldimand County arena must provide proof of either a pre-screening document or will be screened in person at the arena before entry will be granted.
• Any participant failing the screening will be required to provide a doctor’s note before entry to any Haldimand County arena will be granted.  

Parents overview of what to expect
• All parents will be communicated the OHF and Haldimand County guidelines for Return to Hockey and arenas.  
• All parents will receive communication on the on ice social distancing policies which have been put in place
• Coaches will not assist with equipment for players who cannot do it on their own.  Parents, wearing masks at all times must be available to tie skates etc. for their child.  In this circumstance, parents are encouraged to tie the skates outside and enter/ exit the arena using skate guards

Safety Steps put in Place
• HMHA will provide all bench staff with masks to wear at all times while on the bench during games.
• Parents and players will understand that the guidelines are not just a suggestion, and must be followed
• Participants and parents entering the facility will be tracked through the OHF Contact Tracing form and these forms will be stored off site in case of infection
• HMHA will monitor to ensure all participants are coming to the rink, and exiting with equipment on, except skates, helmet and gloves.  If this is being abused, HMHA will limit the size of equipment bags permitted to enter the arena to a duffle bag just large enough to hold the required equipment.
• Parents, and players will be asked to sanitize their hands as they enter the arena.

Parents role in creating a healthy and safe environment
• Parents wishing to be a spectator for their child, must enter the facility with the player.  No admission for adults will be granted if they do not have their child with them.
• It will be stressed to the parents the importance of honesty throughout this process.  Parents will understand there are no exceptions to the guidelines that have been put in place by OMHA, OHF and Haldimand County.
• Parents will understand that all future communications will be posted to the website and encouraged to check often.
• Parents will be responsible to record a screening prior to arriving at the arena.  The OHF screening questions shall be used in any form of the screening document (electronic pre-screening or in person at the arena)
• All parents entering the arena will be required to wear a mask at all times inside the facility while in common areas (front entrance, lobbies, hallways).  
• Masks are encouraged in the seating area at all times, however are required when social distancing of 2 meters is not achievable
• If screening is not completed or refused by both the parent and participant, the participant will not be permitted to enter the arena under any circumstance.
• Parents will only be permitted to enter the designated area of the arena where players are if their child requires their assistance to finish getting their equipment on.  Players requiring skates to be tied by a parent are encouraged to use skate guards and enter the arena with skates on.
• At the end of each session, parents must exit the building using the designated exit and wait for their child outside.  There will be no gathering in hallways leading to the exit or waiting for their child in the designated participants area.  The only exception will be if a player requires assistance with equipment.

Programming and formation of bubbles within the Haldimand-Norfolk Health Unit
Hagersville, Caledonia, Cayuga and Dunnville have agreed upon the following:
• Tiering in each division will take place.
• There will be 2 tiers for each division
• Maximum 5 teams per bubble
• In each bubble attempts will be made to allow each center to be represented
• Teams within these Haldimand bubbles will only be permitted to play games and practice with each other
• All centers will have ice available October 1st.  This is when the mandatory 2 week “development” period will officially begin.
• All bubbles will play 3 on 3 hockey from October 19 until December 18.
• December 19th until Jan 1 there will be a 14-day break from interactions within the bubbles
• After Jan 1st bubbles and the state of our programs will be re-evaluated and adjusted accordingly.

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